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Olive 80

$2.20 sq. ft.
If you're looking for a turf that looks soft and lush, the Olive series is the best option for you. We highly recommend this series for pet applications and recreation areas. It features a mixture of olive and emerald green blades, giving the lawn a healthy and welcoming appearance, making it ideal for high-traffic spaces.
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Key Features

Size and Weight

Pile Height:  1.58”

Face Weight:  54 oz

Total Weight:  80 oz

Roll Width:  15”

Roll Length:  100ft

Machine Gauge:  3/8”

Color and Material

Yarn Color:  Field Green, Olive Green

Yarn Structure:  Monofilament with Thatch

Yarn Material:  Monofilament Polyethylene (PE) & Polypropylene (PP)

Yarn Shape: Wave blade

Denier:  9600/3600

Backing Material:  26 oz Polyurethane

Drain Rate:  140” per hour (Quadruple hole punched)

Infill Ratio:  1-2lbs

Benefits & Shipping

Warranty:  16 year

Shipping Weight:  835 lbs per roll (15x100)

Recommend use:  Moderate to High traffic

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