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Super Sport
$2.55 sq. ft.
One of the primary issues of natural lawns is that they're not up to the challenge of handling a lot of foot traffic, especially without having time to recuperate in between. Some turfs aren't even ideal for frequent use. That's where our Super Sport series differs. It's uniquely designed to handle consistent use, making it great for sports parks and recreation areas.
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Key Features

Size and Weight

Pile Height:  1.18”

Face Weight:  84 oz

Total Weight:  110 oz

Roll Width:  15”

Roll Length:  100ft

Machine Gauge:  3/8”

Color and Material

Yarn Color: Field Green, Apple Green

Yarn Structure:  Monofilament with Thatch

Yarn Material:  Monofilament Polyethylene (PE) & Polypropylene (PP)

Yarn Shape: Tri-Stem

Denier: 10800/4200

Backing Material:  26 oz Polyurethane

Drain Rate:  140” per hour (Quadruple hole punched)

Infill Ratio: 1-2lbs

Benefits & Shipping

Warranty:  16 year

Shipping Weight:  1200 lbs per roll (15x100)

Recommend use:  High traffic

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